IT business is bul**hit!


 Most outsourcing IT companies don't have enough qualifications to work with startups, so usually, they don't give the quality value of the product and after the development, most part of MVP is just a cr*p that needs to be rewritten by the in-house team. Also, outsourcing companies dumping prices for their services and giving amazing terms. And then just delays the deadlines and makes the cost higher, appealing by the "unclean specifications". As a result, after a few months of work, the startup even doesn't have any MVP and money for future growth. So, what has to do the startups without their own technical in-house team? About recently we at Edicasoft identified for ourselves, that our mission is to help startups to avoid these traps and build their companies. We already have great experience working with startups, where we are their technical team. Usually, we’re working with 85/15 cash/equity split mode. It means, that 85% we take by cash and 15% by options of the future company. Moreover, even if someone from our company wants to join a startup we've been working with we’re happy to support them If you’re a startup founder, please write us an e-mail, so we can make a call/meeting to discuss what we can help you.