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Edicasoft is not just the name - It's the style of working and It's the rule.
If you have a problem we can solve it.
If you don't have any problems we're happy

About us

IT Consulting
Includes any help in web development, internet, design, software architecture and many other questions which you couldn't resolve by googling, we forgot about IT more than you ever will learn.
Software engineering
Includes writing specs from scratch, creating beautiful UI design with perfect UX usability, writing code, testing, publishing.
Includes building scalable system architecture, initial setting up servers and services oriented on high load and huge traffic, creating clean automated procedures to deploy updates.

Tech stack

Python. Django, Flask,
Celery frameworks
PHP. Laravel5, Yii2 frameworks
Javascript. Angularjs and Angular, nodejs, express,, lodash, jQuery and many others.
Mysql, mongodb as database storage. Also depending on needs it could be postgresql, oracle, couchdb or other


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