Do not be a swiss knife!


Most of the startups try to be like a swiss knife. It means, that they want to implement as many features as possible in their product. Usually, the situation looks like: Founder says: “Want GPS, chat, booking a hotel, opportunity to write posts, video chat, voice messages, payments and that’s all for iOS, Android, web, and desktop!” Then, he goes to some IT outsourcing company and there they, of course, tell him: “Yes, we make it in a few months!”. “Because, shit, we can suck all the money from him” - they think. In conclusion, the customer has no money and half of the product, which he can only dispose of in the trash. Edicasoft always tries to help the young startup to test their hypotheses. We’re flexible and adapted to creating MVPs to just validate an idea. We’re not interested in the money, that the customer can give us right now, we want to be a part of successful projects. So, if you have an idea of a startup or know someone, who has, please, send us an e-mail with the topic “Want to validate an idea”, so we can help you to save money.