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Proposition for your startup

Tell us about your project, and if we like it as much as you do, we will help you to build it on a special terms.

Build a startup together 

95% of the startups are failed, because of different reasons: lack of resourses or knowledge, invalidated idea, etc. Our mission is to help startups be successful. Here is what we can help with:

  • Validation
    of an idea

    Digital Project Manager

    1. Business analysis
    2. Writing PRD
    3. CTO as a service
  • MVP

    Front-end Developer

    1. UX/UI design
    2. Web/Mobile/Descktop development
    3. DevOps
    4. Quality Assurance
  • Launching
    to the market

    Head of Production

    1. Business & Marketing strategy
    2. Intro to the Angels and VC
    3. Help with formation in-house team

Tell us about your idea

What do you need help with?