Edicasoft - the full package

We are a custom software development company that assists companies and startups at any stage of their product development cycle. From building an MVP to transformation into a scalable platform, UX and performance improvement to ongoing development support; whatever the challenge, we are ready to tackle it.

IT Consulting | MVP and Ongoing Development | CTO-as-a-Service

Anything is possible

IT Consulting

We provide consultations at the early ideas and product development stages, by analyzing the product and suggesting the most suitable architect solutions for their implementation. We also review and analyze the already existing code base and implementation of a client’s product. From here, we identify the architecture’s shortcomings and offer optimized solutions.

Tech department as a service

For our customers we offer the option of fully immersing a team in the business processes of their operation. Our tech department can then provide everything needed for efficient and effective work. We help with website services, the development of internal platform and mobile applications, and the integration of our clients’ subsystems with external services such as CRM Salesforce or Hubspot. We also integrate Quickbooks accounting systems and customer interaction systems like Mailchimp, Mandrill and others. Our work with TheGoGame attests to our professionalism and expertise.

MVP from scratch

We develop the complete project from idea to launch. As a client, you can choose from a full range of services, such as UX/UI design, backend development, web frontend and iOS / Android mobile application development. Alternatively, you can select just the services that your startup team needs assistance with.When undertaking a new project, we make sure we can devote all our time and energy to it, only committing when we are confident that we can ensure the best possible quality for the final product. It is due to this philosophy that we have achieved great results with the fintech startup OdinMoney.


CTO as a service

Our key specialists, possessing more than a decade of experience in developing services and products, act as external consultants and project managers for companies that have their own development team, but are experiencing problems such as a lack of efficiency or expertise in managing the team to achieve the best results. We call this “CTO as a service”. We have a successful track record in this area, working with startups such as SensumFMS.